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Valentines decorating on a budget!

Either you love this made up holiday, or you don’t. I don’t ever think I’ve met anyone whos in between. Flowers, teddy bears, balloons and chocolate that say I love you.. hey whatever makes you happy right?! if I’m being honest with you Eddie and I don’t really celebrate this holiday we do a great job of showing our love throughout the year. (gift giving is my love langauge) We always go on dates and surprise each other we little gifts, so its kinda like ehhhh.. and my birthday is also about a week later, and that’s more special to us. in case you’re wondering this year I’ll be having a full on galentines day with Maddie, and I’m genuinely excited!

Now with that being said… I LOVE DECORATING FOR VALENTINES DAY! does that even make any sense? I’m a weirdo I know I know, but let me explain… to start my favorite color is pink. Ever since I was a little girl valentines day was so exciting for me I loved the decor so much walking into stores was my favorite to this day I’m still obsessed id walk into Micheals right now if I could just to mask in the ambiance lol. Growing up my dad would always get my sisters and me a little something because along with my mom obvi we were always his valentines. Those are memories that will last forever.

So valentines day as cheesy as it may be can be done on a super budget! And I mean super budget I prob spent a total of $7/8 bucks on this decor just head over to your local dollar store and give it a go!

items used:

Heart shaped plates: 2 packs $2

Heart shaped napkins: $1

Faux flowers: $1

Heart shaped Marshmallow : $1

Iridescent tassel banner: $1

buy a pack of heart shaped plates and tape them to the wall for the cutest back drop
heart shaped napkins for a dolla yes please! just tape and bam! i cut mine to make more 🙂
i’m a sucker for iridescent i found this tassel banner and i couldn’t pass it up
who doesn’t love flowers that don’t die? i added my favs Gerbera daisies to complete this look.

so there ya have it! perfect valentines day decor on a super small budget! hope you enjoyed this 🙂 let me know what you think of valentines day below. xoxo- nia

couldn’t resist snapping this cute picture of atlas, and yogs of course.

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