Get Festive

10 Way’s to celebrate Galentines day!

Y’all know i’m a big fan of spending time with my girlfriends, i spend a lot of time around them we definately do life together. Even Ana who is all the way back in Miami i talk to her probably 6 days out of the week! My friends are a HUGE part of my life especially being a military wife overseas they are literally my family. If you love your friends as much as i do and want to show them a little extra love here are 10 ideas to help you out.

  1. Stay in and give each other the wackiest of makeovers! get creative!
  2. Go get massages! if you’re in Japan. A dinner date and the onsen afterward sounds bomb af!
  3. Throw a girls slumber party! I mean who doesn’t love a night of wine, snacks, and tea spilling! I LIVE FOR THOSE NIGHTS!
  4. Have a dinner party!
  5. Wine tasting night! have everyone bring two bottles of wine and have at it!
  6. Karaoke Party
  7. Take a road trip
  8. Go out drinking in Pajamas skip the little black dress for something comfier
  9. Craft Night
  10. Ice Cream Social

Mads and i will be having our own little dinner party, compete with pink moscato and dipped strawberries. What will you ladies be doing with your friends? xoxo-nia

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