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5 Things i noticed when i switched to a mainly plant based diet.

Mainly Plant-based? Yeah! So for the past almost two months we’ve switched to vegetarian meals in our household. Before that, we were a pescatarian household unless we had a guest who didn’t eat seafood. why? Well to keep it simple BECAUSE WE WANT TO! I don’t understand why some people find that so hard to believe. I cut red meat almost entirely out my diet because I have endometriosis I was diagnosed with it about four years ago and since its something that I have to live with I rather not be in pain every month. So red meat and a big chunk of dairy are out… I can’t pass up cheese, and I do enjoy yogurt in my overnight oats but it’s minimal…. so we just ate fish mostly its what’s healthiest for anyways. After coming home Singapore with a horrible stomach ache, I needed a detox. I just decided that I’m going to eat mainly vegetarian and I told Eddie that I would still cook him fish or chicken if he wanted, and he immediately said ‘babe you don’t have to make me anything extra, I’ll eat with you” ….. honestly I was a bit shocked… huh?! are you sure? I asked him, and he said yeah why not and that’s how our journey began!

when i say mainly plant based, if we go to someones house we aren’t going to deny a meal, or when we go traveling, or out to eat we order what we want or even if eddie says ‘ hey babe can you make some salmon tonight” i’d do it glady! its all just preference … but let me get to it!

mexican lentil soup
  1. Super Freaking Clear Skin.

i’ve never had any real problems with my skin. i have the occasional break out like the next person. but i kid you not i feel like my skin has been almost perfection. i havent had any real breakouts i think ive had like 2 since in the past month, eddie and i were talking to our friend Ana a few days ago and she goes ‘ guys both of your skin looks so amazing it’s like your glowing” ! Eating plant based mix with my lumanince skin care routine…. my skin is always on fleek!

2. They call me Chef Nia

so i have to get super freaking creative with meals! like its 2019 and people still act like vegetarians or vegans still just eat lettuce and celery …. dude.. grow up! i love trying new recipes i made a bomb mushroom and spinach rissoto the other night! you want mexican lentil soup I got you, and my burrito bowl game is strong! its been so fun trying new recipes im seriously obsessed with cooking now.

3. I’m fuller longer

for some reason you’d think eating mostly plant based would make me hungry more often right? NOPE! i’m actually 100% satisified after my meals. even with about two hours at the gym daily!

Mediterranean sweet potatoes

4. Increased energy levels

other then when i’m PMSing i feel sooo energized! i don’f feel groggy during the day at all.

5. Expanding taste buds

So I’m not a picky eater at all…. except I don’t eat chocolate, peanut butter, not a big fan of ice cream, or cookies hahaha… I’m so weird when it comes to normal things people eat but I love to try new spices, flavors and just words, in general, I’ve learned to appreciate the flavors and aromas of things more! Ask Maddie about the onions I sauteed the other day just onions and a mix of spices to start with her and Eddie were like omg what is that haha i had barely started cooking.

let me just add eating mainly plant-based isn’t for everyone. It’s all about your personal preference. i’m just giving you my experience.

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