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Pregnancy Update! Second-trimester goals, & what’s on my wishlist!

oh pregnancy, you never know what pregnancy is like until you experience it. you can read all the books and blogs and still have no idea till its you. luckily i came into this thing with ZERO expectations and it honestly pisses me off when people give me their unwanted opinions. see i had no morning sickness and the responses from other moms would be ” oh you just wait” or “you must be having a boy” and the ” you must be having a girl” ahhh i’m only 15 weeks and already tired of hearing peoples opinons. it could be the hormones right?!

Speaking of hormones i think ive been doing pretty well, except for about a week and a half ago HAHA! i literally started crying because i told Eddie to get away from me and he didnt so i started crying because i could still see him! not one of my greater moments but after like 5 mins i was fine and definately had to apologize because he didnt deserve that. that whole week i was moody …. moody moody.. i had an attitude about everything. I really couldnt control it though. like i said not one of my best moments so moving right along.

oh! Anxiety about my baby has been a real one, which i think is pretty normal espesically with being a first time mom. its like i can be fine and out of no where i think ” what if my baby isn’t alive” which is the worst because that isnt just a 5 min overreaction, thats a ok now i’m paranoid for the next few hrs.

overall though! this is the happiest time of my life. no matter my occasional moodiness i’m so freaking happy! i’m creating a life. another human being. its so unreal. i wake up with a smile on my face every morning baby choco is such a blessing to us.

where did the name baby choco come from?

i found out i was pregnant before a missed period (thanks clear blue digital) and at my first ultra sound they could barely see a heartbeat. i think i was like 4 weeks pregnant and baby was the size of a chocolate chip. so i was like aww my baby choco so it just stuck! To think he was the size of a chocolate chip to now the size of an avocado in just a few weeks! that is cray cray!

what are my second-trimester goals!

  • Start the Nursery! guys eddie and i have finally decided on a theme, but for now is a secret.
  • Be as active as possible! i’ve been going to the gym 3 times a week consisttanly for about a year now & we just added a day 4!
  • Enjoy each day and moment with my little bump
  • Keep up the healthy lifestyle ( give into a craving like once a week .. or twice lol)
  • Finish my registry

what’s on my wishlist!

if i can be completely honest with you, i haven’t really gotten into what we want for baby choco. So here are 3 items that we’ve seen and are interested in.

  1. VEER GEAR All-Terrain Cruiser
  2. Pipa lite Lx
  3. Willow: wearable breast pump

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